Arlo Pro 3 – Arlo Wireless 2K Security Camera Review


The rate at which crime is increasing is alarming, and with lack of good policing. It’s high time you start investing more on security cameras for the protection of your home, family, property, pets, and more. Security cameras are one of the powerful security tools to help capture activities in areas where the security camera is been implemented. It quite difficult to select a suitable security camera for your home, but Arlo Pro 3 stand out to be a reputable home surveillance camera to watch everything has it unfold in your home.

Arlo Pro 3 - Arlo Wireless 2K Security Camera Review

Arlo is one of the top companies’ provider of cameras that includes doorbells cameras, floodlight cameras and other accessories. Its lines of Arlo cameras stand as one the top recommended security camera to go for. Arlo Pro 3 is a wireless 2k security camera built with quality enhance security technology to provide you with a clear view of what’s happening in your home or surroundings. The Arlo Pro 3 camera is integrated with features like 2K HDR video for clear view, as well as Arlo SmartHub for you to storage large videos.

Overviews of Arlo Pro 3 Wireless 2K Security Camera  

Arlo Pro 3 is built with the same similarity with Arlo Pro 2 but with more enhance and performable features to give you want you want. Basically, Arlo Pro 3 is an outdoor home security camera, therefore it built with a compatible feature to be able to withstand unfavorable conditions like heavy storm, snows, sunny weather and more. The security camera model is integrated with high performance security, enhance structure design to withstand conditions, and more. Majorly, secure cameras are built to help you stay connected with every single activity in your home, with the help of the mobile app, you can live streaming recording, anywhere, anytime.

The new Arlo Pro 3 is built with a better enhanced feature than other cameras with it output design for more flexibility to capture every single motion. Plus, the in-built motion detection allows you to receive instant notification when a single soul or object pass through the eye of the camera. You don’t need to worry about whether you got a clear video based on the fact that it comes with 2K HDR for clearer video.

Feature of Arlo Pro 3 Wireless 2K Security Camera 

When looking for a good or suitable security camera, you need to watch for the quality, flexibility, performance and design of the camera before purchasing. Arlo Pro 3 Wireless security camera is built with quality flexibility, performance and design compare to other security cameras. Here is the following feature of the Arlo Pro 3:

Video Resolution

Arlo Pro 3 is built with 2K video resolution of 2560×1440 resolution to give you’re a clearer video on your live stream feed. Plus, it also comes with 4 megapixels on its image sensor. Others video resolution also includes 1080p and 720p.

Motion Detection

Similar to very other security cameras Arlo Pro 3 comes with a motion detection feature advanced with 130 degrees horizontal to help capture every angle of your home. The single motion detector will enable you not to miss out on movement in your home.


In other to chase off intruders or scare away people trying to invade your home. The in-built microphone on the security phone allows you to speak not only to intruders but also family, delivery man, and others. The microphone also comes with noise and echo cancellation to hear sound or voice clearly.


You need to network connection to be able to watch videos directly from your mobile phone which is why the camera works with a Wi-Fi connection. The amazing thing is that it broadband connection can serves up to 2Mbps upload speed.


The Arlo Pro 3 builts has an indoor and outdoor security camera. Plus, it built with weather-resistant in other to protect the camera from being damage based on unfavorable weather condition. Plus it has outdoor UV.

Battery Life  

The wireless security camera has a long-lasting battery life of about 6 months on one charge. Plus, you also have a flexible and wire-free installation which makes it very simple to set up and recharge.

Night Vision

Based on the fact that security appears mostly important at night. The security camera comes or built with an enhanced night vision of high-powered infrared LEDs to be able to see image at night clearly and also with IR Cut Filter.

Other features also include 160-degree diagonal for more video coverage, 1/3 sensor size. Also, the Arlo Plus 3 spotlight is about 6500k, 42Lux@1M which serves as a good outdoor security camera. 12x digital zoom, battery life of 3-6 months, and more.

How Much Does Arlo Pro 3?

Based on the flexibility, performance and quality of the camera, the price of the camera really worth investing on. Currently, the price of Arlo Pro 3 cost

How to Set up Arlo Pro 3

Similar to other Arlo security cameras, the Pro 3 comes with a simple set up and installation. Meaning that you don’t need a professional to help install or set up the camera for you. The device is easily carriable and you can mount in areas in which you want to select. Once you’ve successful mount the device, you can install the Arlo app to connect to the device using a secure network connection. You can unbox your package and you the guide leaflet to set up the camera.


Is there a monthly fee for Arlo Pro 3?

Yes, the recommended plan is the Secure Plan which cost about $3-$10. It offers you benefits such as 2K video, cloud storage, and enhanced motion detection. Another plan offered is the Secure Plus Plan, it offers 4k video and costs more.

What is the difference between Arlo 3 and 4?

There is a big difference between Arlo 3 and 4. The version 4 provides more advanced features and more installation flexibility compared to version 3. For camera 4, you can connect it directly to a Wi-Fi router, an Arlo SmartHub. Or an Arlo base station compare to camera 3 which only connects to an Arlo SmartHub or base station.


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