AT&T Store Near Me – Find the Nearest AT&T Location


How can I find the nearest AT&T Store location? If you’re new to a particular location, locating the store is usually difficult especially when you have no idea about the service. AT&T which is a communication company is majorly focused on providing people with mobile phones, broadband, fixed-line telephone, home security, and more. Major of AT&T’s Communication operations as to do with AT&T Mobility, AT&T Internet, DirecTV, AT&T Phone, and more. The headquarter of ATT is Whitacre Tower, Dallas, Texas United States. Learn how to use the AT&T store near me to find the nearest AT&T store within your location.

AT&T Store Near Me - Find the Nearest AT&T Location

First of all, the AT&T store near me which is also referred to as the AT&T store allows you to find the nearest or closest ATT store that is near you. For instance, if you need to get a wireless data plan, the latest phones, or any other services of ATT, the use of the AT&T Store locator offers you a gateway or directly to the nearest ATT store in the selected location. According to reports, there are more than 5000 ATT stores in the United States. Some of the states include Alabama, Alaska, Texas, and others.

Benefits of AT&T Store Locator

The usefulness of AT&T store locator provides an effective and easy way to find the nearest store. For someone new to a particular location, it can be difficult to find the store only if you use Google Maps or ask people for the location. But with the tool, you can:

  • Find the nearest AT&T store.
  • Get directions to the store.
  • Opening and closing hours
  • Address
  • Phone number and other necessary information.

A lot of people use the tool to navigate the store location. Actually, there is a store within your location, but first, you need to find out if the store is available in your location

List of AT&T Locations in the U.S.

Here is the list of states where AT&T stores are available in the United States.

  • Alabama (106)
  • Alaska (19)
  • Arizona (100)
  • Arkansas (81)
  • California (542)
  • Colorado (84)
  • Connecticut (70)
  • Delaware (20)
  • Florida (472)
  • Georgia (176)
  • Hawaii (21)
  • Idaho (25)
  • Illinois (201)
  • Indiana (123)
  • Iowa (41)
  • Kansas (37)
  • Kentucky (93)
  • Louisiana (118)
  • Maine (30)
  • Maryland (82)
  • Massachusetts (93)
  • Michigan (169)
  • Minnesota (690
  • Mississippi (77)
  • Missouri (116)
  • Montana (14)
  • Nebraska (26)
  • Nevada (49)
  • New Hampshire (19)
  • New Jersey (159)
  • New Mexico (24)
  • New York (298)
  • North Carolina (132)
  • North Dakota (12)
  • Ohio (163)
  • Oklahoma (80)
  • Oregon (70)
  • Pennsylvania (226)
  • Puerto Rico (36)
  • Rhode Island (5)
  • South Carolina (82)
  • South Dakota (13)
  • Tennessee (106)
  • Texas (578)
  • Utah (58)
  • Vermont (15)
  • Virgin Islands (4)
  • Virginia (112)
  • Washington (117)
  • Washington DC (9)
  • West Virginia (41)
  • Wisconsin (72)
  • Wyoming (11)

How to Find The Nearest AT&T Location Near You

Finding the closest or nearest AT&T location near you is very simple and easy. Here is the following step that allows you to be able to navigate the AT&T location near you:

There you will find all the necessary information that you need about the store. Also, you can filter your search using pay stations inside, company-owned stores, cash payments accepted, and more.

List of Products at AT&T Stores

There are lots of products and items you can shop at ATT stores. However, knowing the products listed at the store you are going to help you better find a more convenient way to shop at ease. Here are the following lists of categories of products to shop for:

  • Deals & discounts: we have deals, gift ideas, AT&T thanks, business employees, AARP, military, first responders, and more.
  • Wireless: explore wireless, plans & prices, phone & devices, upgrade, bring your own, add a line, trade in your device, international options, iPhone 14, and more.
  • Internet: explore internet, plan & prices, fiber, check availability, moving services, equipment, bundles, and more.
  • TV: explore DIRECTV, DIRECTV STREAM, DIRECTV satellite, and TV bundles.
  • Prepaid: explore AT&T PREPAID, prepaid plans, phone, bring your phone, prepaid deals
  • Home Phone: explore home phone, plans & availability, traditional home phone, lifeline, phones & accessories.
  • Bundles: internet + DIRECTV STREAM, internet + DIRECTV, internet + wireless, TV + internet + phone, and more.
  • Smart technology: home office, smart watches & devices, smart home, and In-car Wi-Fi.
  • Accessories: headphones, cases, chargers, screen protectors, speakers & smart home, internet & TV equipment, and more.

Items are categorized in various forms to help customers able to sort out items. However, the best way to shop is online by visiting the online store at

AT&T Customer Service  

If you want to inquire about the various services and products offered by AT&T, you can always contact customer service on ATT services such as Wireless, Internet, TV, Home phone, and more. There are different ways to contact customer service either through helpful tips, chat options, or customer service numbers. Simply visit and contact customer service through chat or by phone for questions and answers.


Is it cheaper to buy a phone online or in-store ATT?

Without a doubt, shopping for items online is usually cheaper them going in-store. Online shopping offers you discounts and more competitive prices in real-time. This allows you to sort the best price based on your budget conveniently.

How can I tell if an AT&T store is a corporate store?

Through the use of the AT&T store locator, you can be able to find stores near you. And when you visit the store, it can either be an Authorized Retailer store or not. If it is not an authorized retailer store, then it’s a corporate store.

How do I find out if the AT&T store has a phone in stock?

You can always know if a store has a phone in stock by the messages displayed on the seller page indicating the message “Place wireless order and check in-store availability”. There you can easily check out if it’s available in stock.

Is the AT&T store in my location?

Yes, a store might be available in your location and you can determine that through the website   


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