Pre-approval – Getting a Mortgage Pre-approval Online


Getting a Mortgage Pre-approval Online

Before you can apply for a mortgage loan, you need a pre-approval letter. You may be wondering how I get a pre-approval letter. In the meantime, is a top homeownership online platform that offers diverse homeownership and related services. Some of the services offered by the online platform are Better Mortgage, Real estate, settlement services, and more. You can go to the preapproval official portal to get pre-approved in less than 3 minutes. Pre-approval - Getting a Mortgage Pre-approval Online pre-approval is the official website where borrowers can get a pre-approval offer. It is also the official website that intending applicants can see how much loan they are eligible for. Go to the preapproval site to see if you will get pre-approved for a mortgage loan. In this article, you will learn how to go through the pre-approval in less than 3 minutes and get pre-approved.

What is a Pre-approval Letter?

Pre-approval letter actually indicates partial approval for a mortgage loan and also includes details of how much you can borrow to purchase your dream home. It’s essential that you go through the pre-approval process with Better Mortgage where you can receive a document known as a pre-approval letter.

Pre-approval is very important for all financial institutions as it helps to determine your eligibility for a mortgage and also indicates how much you can borrow. The result is been determined by the information you provided and a background check will be run on your account. For you to get a loan to purchase your home, you need to go through the pre-approval application. Mortgage pre-approval at

If you are considering purchasing a house, you may be wondering how much you can afford. Getting a pre-approval letter from is a good way to start. or is the authenticated website where you can get a pre-approval letter and get preapproved in minutes.

The Better pre-approval process takes about 3 minutes to get a pre-approved offer. Your pre-approval offer will contain how much mortgage you qualify for and how much house you can afford. You can go to to get your preapproved letter.

Requirements to get a Pre-Approval at

To get a pre-approval letter, there are certain requirements that you must provide. Check the requirements below.

  • You must have an internet-connected device
  • A active preapproval URL
  • Personal details

The above-listed requirements are what you need to apply for a pre-approval letter at Better online. Keep in mind, you must ensure that you have received the letter before confirming your approval online.

How to get a pre-approval Letter at

Getting a Pre-approval procedure is straightforward. You can even get your pre-approval letter within 3 minutes. Yes as fast as that. Another lucky thing is that your credit score won’t be impacted and your pre-approval letter will show how much Better Mortgage loan you have been pre-approved for.

How to get a pre-approval Online

  • Go to
  • To start your pre-approval application
  • Select, the type of Better Mortgage you want to apply for
  • Answer the selected questions online
  • Afterwards, start your pre-approval application
  • Enter your First Name
  • Enter your Last Name
  • Enter your Phone number

Follow through the onscreen instruction to complete your Pre-approval process. Once your pre-approval application is complete, click on the submit tab. In less than 3 minutes, you will get pre-approved fast. Login after Pre-approval

The Login portal gives you access to manage your online account.  Better login gives all borrowers verified access to their accounts. Login to your account to manage your loan, check your balance, pre-approved offer, and additional features.

Now, you can easily track your account activities and also pay your bills online. Plus, you can manage your Better Mortgage account online and also have access to 24/.7 customer support.

Better Customer Service

If you need to contact Better customer service, you can communicate with them through email or phone number. The customer service works from Mon to Fri, 8 am to 9 pm ET / Sat and Sun, 9 am to 9 pm ET.


Does require Hard Credit Pull to get a Verified Pre-Approval Letter?

Yes, to get a pre-approval letter, will pull a hard credit check on your documents. This process will help to determine your real FICO score and your monthly debt obligations. It will also help to determine how much loan you qualify for.

What type of Pre-approval letter does Mortgage Offer? offers two types of pre-approval letters. The first one is the basic pre-approval letter and a soft credit check is required to pass this stage. The basic pre-approval letter is based on the income statement that you provide. The second pre-approval letter is the verified pre-approval letter. Here, you upload your financial documents such as tax returns, bank statements, and all. Here, a hard credit check will be required to get a verified pre-approval letter.

Why do I need a Pre-approval Letter?

A pre-approval letter helps to determine how much loan you qualify for. It also increases your chance of getting approved for a loan from and other mortgage services. Luckily, a Better com verified mortgage pre-approval letter gives you an advantage over other buyers when you want to purchase a mortgaged house.

Can you get denied for a loan after pre-approval?

On normal grounds, you can get denied for a loan even after pre-approval. But with a pre-approved letter it is hard to get denied for a mortgage loan on

Does Pre-approval impact your Credit?

No, pre-approval does not hurt your credit score. A Better Mortgage pre-approval only takes 3 minutes of your time. Moreover, it makes use of soft credit to check how much loan you qualify for.


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