Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Theft?


Does my motorcycle insurance policy cover theft? Motorcycles can be a very easy target for thieves. Unlike cars, it is very easy to move without a key. Most times, motorcycle thieves steal many bikes and take them to chop shops, where the bikes can be sold in pieces. And this is why you need to protect your motorcycle. But does motorcycle insurance cover theft?

Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Theft

Motorcycle insurance helps to protect your asset when you have an expensive road accident on your motorcycle. Different coverage pays the expenses of other drivers when you are at fault for an accident or helps pay to replace or repair your bike. There are many ways you can avoid paying the replacement of your stolen motorcycle but is theft included? Follow this article to the end to know if motorcycle insurance cover theft or not.

Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Theft?

Yes, motorcycle insurance covers theft if comprehension coverage is included in your policy. In other words, you need to ensure that you have comprehensive insurance before filing for the motorcycle theft policy. This coverage will help you pay for the new motorcycle if your bike is stolen or damaged depending on your plan. The payout will consist of the coverage you have, minus the deductible. Not, if you don’t have the comprehension coverage in your policy, you may have to purchase another motorcycle out of your pocket.

What to do if you are a Victim of Motorcycle Theft 

Just so you know, only comprehensive coverage will help replace your stolen bike. So, make sure you have the right coverage to pay before falling victim to motorcycle theft.  Furthermore, if you are a victim of motorcycle theft, follow the below steps for a fast resolution.

Search your neighborhood; before contacting the police or insurance company, try to search around for the bike in your neighborhood. Ask your neighbor if they saw their request for their security camera for evidence in an investigation.

Contact the police; if you did not find the bike in your neighborhood, contact the police. File a stole motorcycle report. Submit evidence in your report along with a photograph of the bike and other details about noteworthy identifiers or customs.

Notify your insurance provider; Contact your insurance company and let them know about the theft. File a claim and provide them with details including the police report. They will let you know the next step you need to take.

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How to File a motorcycle Theft Claim

Filing a motorcycled insurance claim process depends on the insurer. Some companies allow you to file a claim online or through their mobile app. While others require you to contact a claim center or your local agent. Either way, before you contact the insurer, make sure you have comprehensive coverage, collect evidence, a police report, photos of the bike, and footage of the theft if you find one. The insurance company will also need to verify the bike model, make, and location of the theft. They will now take you through the process of replacing the bike.

Just so you know, if the police later recover your bike after the insurer settles the claim, you won’t be able to take possession of it. Because the company will now have the rightful ownership. However, the company may offer to sell it back to you. But if the bike is damaged severely, the insurer may let you keep it.

How Long Does a Motorcycle Insurance Claim Take?

The claim might take a long time to process. The provider is hoping the police will find your stolen motorcycle. Ask the claim representative how long the claim will take. They should update you regularly on the status of the claim.

How to Prevent Motorcycle Theft

Ensuring that your motorcycle is safe is the best way to prevent theft. Here is the tip to make your motorcycle less accessible to thieves;

  • Park your motorcycle in a secure and safe indoor location. Such as the garage and make sure you chain it well to the floor with a steel ground anchor. You can add motion lights in the garage and put steel bars on windows for additional security.
  • Make sure you park your bike given a camera if your home has a video surveillance camera.
  • Secure your bike to a strong stationary object with a chain and lock if you must park outside.  Cover with a fitted cover when parking the ride overnight to make it difficult for thieves to identify the make and model
  • Never allow people you don’t know to ride your bike solo
  • Always park your motorcycle together when you go out for a group ride
  • Equip your bike with anti-theft devices
  • When you turn it off, lock the bike’s ignition.

Although, these above steps can help you prevent motorcycle theft, knowing you have insurance to cover you can bring peace of mind. Comprehensive coverage is a very good choice when it is time to purchase your motorcycle insurance policy.

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Does motorcycle insurance cover vandalism?

Yes, based on theft, comprehensive coverage got you covered for vandalism, for example, if someone knocks you off your bike and resulted in damage, your comprehensive coverage pays for the damage.

Does the home or renters insurance cover motorcycle theft?

A lot of people are confused that homeowners and renter insurance cover your motorcycle theft which is not true. Coverage includes your homeowners and renters insurance policy includes items in and around your home or apartment and does not include your motorcycle.

My motorcycle was stolen. Now what?

If your motorcycle is stolen, what you need to do is contact the police immediately to report a stolen motorcycle. With this, you can enjoy faster recovery of your vehicle from the police and begin the search immediately.

In addition, information about the vehicle might be required such as make and model, mileage, location, and the exact time and location of the theft. Also, you will need to provide this information to your insurance company. That is all you need to know about Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Theft?


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