– How to activate your Indigocard Mastercard


How do I activate my new Indigo card or how do I set up my card to start working? is the verified web portal that Indigo Platinum Mastercard cardholders can easily activate their new card.

After receiving you new card from the mail, you will be required o activate the card. This is so that the card can start working for you. The process of activating your new Indigo Mastercard at is safe, quick and convenient.  Go to to activate your new cad. All you need for a smooth activation process is your activation code.

Indigo Mastercard is an unsecured credit card. This card helps individuals with bad, poor or average credit score build their credit while shopping with their card. When you apply, receive and activate your new indigo Mastercard, you will be able to make purchases online, in store and in app with your card.

Requirements to activate your Indigo Mastercard

Activating your new indigo Mastercard will require some credentials. To start the activation process, you will need to sign up for a new Indigo online access account. Check the requirements needed below to activate your new Indigo card.

  • An internet connected and safe browser
  • Your Indigo card Number
  • A registered Indigo online account.

How to Sign Up for an Indigo Online account to activate your Indigo Mastercard

To activate your Indigo Mastercard, you need to login to your online account. Hence, if you have not sign up for online access before, you can follow the steps below to create a new one. The process is fast and basic.

After this above, you may need to verify your email address to set up your account finish. After setting up your account, you can move on to

How to Login to Indigo Mastercard to Activate Card at activate

The next line of action is to login to activate your Indigo Platinum Mastercard online. Follow through this guideline to login and activate your card without any ado.

  • Ensure you are using a safe browser
  • Go to
  • At the right side of the page, you will find the login menu
  • Enter your Username
  • Enter Password
  • Lastly, click on ‘Log In’

Now, that you have successfully logged into your account with the steps above, you can now activate your card.

How to Activate Indigocard at activate

The indigo card activation process is very easy and fast. Once you have everything I listed in the requirement section, you can activate your card. You have to go to the portal to start the Indigo card activation process. Follow the steps below for Indigo card activation.

  • Ensure you are using a safe browser
  • Go to
  • Login to your indigo card account  online
  • Enter your Indigocard account
  •  Username and password
  • Next, click on Log In
  • Afterwards, select Activate  your card menu
  • Enter your credit card number
  • Enter your Date of birth
  • Lastly, enter your Social Security Number

Finally, click on activate your card tab. Once you click on the activate card tab, your card will get activated instantly. You have successfully completed your card activation process. Now, you card is all set up and working. You can start making purchases with your card anywhere it is accepted and build your credit score.

How to activate Indigo Card by Phone

There is also an option for activating you new Indigo Mastercard by phone. To do this, you will have to contact the customer care service to help you complete your card activation process. Hence, you can simply call the number at the back of your Mastercard or contact through the Indigo Rewards customer service page at


How can I activate my Indigo Rewards Mastercard?

There are two options of activating card provide to customers. You can either activate your card by going to activate portal or by contacting the customer care service.

Why Can’t I sign into my Indigo Mastercard account?

If you are experiencing any issue at all with accessing your account online. maybe you can’t remember your password or your username, you can always recover your account. Go to and click on the reset Username or Password link.

How do I pay my Indigo Mastercard credit card bills?

To pay your Indigo Mastercard credit card bills, you can login to your account number. Go to the make payments menu to start your payment process.


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