How to redeem Kroger rewards Point – Redeem your Kroger rewards Points


Have you earned yourself enough Kroger Rewards point on your World Elite Mastercard, but you don’t know how to redeem your points? When you are ready to redeem your Kroger rewards point, Kroger Mastercard will allow you redeem your points without any stress. You can easily redeem your Kroger Rewards point by logging onto your online banking account.

Kroger Rewards World Elite Mastercard is a simple shop card that allows you save cash on grocery and fuel purchases. Not only that, with your Kroger rewards Mastercard, you are eligible to earn rewards points which you can redeem to shop at Kroger. Meanwhile, Kroger Rewards Mastercard is issued by the U.S. Bank. You can apply for the card free from the Kroger official website.

What are Kroger Rewards Points?

Kroger Rewards points are points you earn for every time you shop with your Kroger rewards Mastercard. You will become eligible to earn rewards points for every purchase you make with your card.

And each time you earn a reward point, it will be added to your account after the transaction post. Moreover, you can login at any point in time to view all the Kroger rewards points you have earned. Every 1000 Rewards Points you earn, will be worth a $10 reward. So, you have to make as many purchases as you can to earn more rewards points.

How to Redeem Kroger Rewards points

Redeeming your Kroger rewards points is easy and fast. But, you will have to first login to your online banking account to see the total number of reward points that you have earned. There are various redemption options that are available for you. For instance, once you have earned 1000 Rewards points, you can redeem $10 $10 for a statement credit or real time rewards.

How to Redeem Kroger Rewards points Online

  • Login to your online banking at
  • Next, click on Rewards menu to access the Rewards homepage
  • Then, choose how you would like to redeem your rewards.
  • You will receive a notification to tell you if your Reward points balance is up to $1000

Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the rewards point redemption process. Once it is successful, you will receive your Reward instantly.

How to Redeem Kroger Rewards Points by Phone

There is also an option available to redeem your Kroger Reward points by phone. To do this, check the back of your Kroger Mastercard, you will find a customer care phone number you can contact.

Call in the number at the back of your card to help in redeeming your rewards points. A customer representative will pick your call and help you with redeeming your rewards points’ process by phone.

Can my Kroger Rewards Points expire?

Yes, your Kroger Rewards Points will expire after 36 months. If you have not redeemed your points after 36 months, then all your points will expire.

Can call to redeem my Kroger rewards points?

Yes, you can call in the number at the back of your card to redeem your rewards points. A customer representative will pick your call and help you with redeeming your rewards points.

Is My Rewards Points or Cash back reward affected when I return merchandise?

Yes, if at any time you return purchases that have earned you reward points, the reward points will be subtracted from your total reward points.

When will I receive my Rewards points or cash back?

You will receive your rewards points or cash back after you make a purchase with your card and the transaction is posted.

How do I check my rewards Points

You can check your rewards points by logging into your online banking account at

For further information on how to activate your Kroger mastercard visit – How to activate your Kroger mastercard – Blinktecc


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