Lorex Camera – Smart Home Security Camera


Lorex is a popular and large home security company that provided high-quality wireless and wired security cameras for your home. Launched in the year 1991, this Canadian company has remained the top security company for so long. Within the last few months, Lorex has released different cameras including a 4k camera that features smart security lightning and a 4k Nocturnal motorized camera.

One of the best parts is that the company provided a website where you can see different Wi-Fi cameras, wireless cameras, digital IP Cameras, and old-school analog cameras. Although Lorex is a company focused on security, its offerings are very different from traditional ADT home monitoring packages without any doubt. The company also offers a good beginner guide to their camera which will help you understand the selection.

Lorex Camera - Smart Home Security Camera

Although Lorex does not offer professional options, its camera does not come with a monthly fee. Unsurprisingly, all its line of smart home products is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The company offers outdoor, indoor, and doorbell cameras as well as sensors, video recorders, and different accessories.

More on Lorex Camera

Furthermore, the camera does not offer a cloud video storage subscription and includes storage media with every camera. This means, your video footage will never traverse the internet without you having to choose to view the videos in the lorex app. Lorex cameras boast of 4k video resolution, motion detection, mobile app, night vision, and many more. the camera is also very easy and simple to install.

Another good thing about this company camera is that it can withstand harsh outdoor weather elements. If you want an affordable camera with incredible features, you should choose Lorex. Not only does the company offers different types of cameras, but it also provides people with security for their home. Follow to the end for a full Lorex Camera review.

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Lorex Camera Features

Although the Lorex camera offers different cameras with different features, there are still some common features. Below are common Lorex camera features

  • Lorex cameras are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Sound detection, person detection
  • Motion sensitivity
  • 1080p HD resolution
  • Good video quality ( 4k in some cameras)
  • No monthly fees
  • Color night vision
  • Mobile app
  • Free local storage
  • Handy beginners guide
  • Motion alerts
  • Dual bank Wi-Fi 6

Most Lorex cameras require wired power sources like an Ethernet cable, USB cable, doorbell wiring, analog video cable, or hardwiring into your home electrical grid. While some models have an easy and simple setup without wires.

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Lorex Camera installation

One thing you need to keep in mind is that you need a lot of patience to install any camera from this company. First, we have the DVR. The DVR is a computer box that is needed to be placed near your router. You need to free up space on your shelf. Once you boot up the DVR, it will start u nice and smooth. The way you set up the cameras depends on the type of camera you purchase.

You can make use of the guide in the box to set up the camera or ask a professional to help you with it. If after connecting it, you have questions on how to connect the system to the app, contact customer support. You can do that through the Lorex website. The representative will help you with everything you need regarding the camera installation. Their service is not great but not that bad.  

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Lorex App

Not only does Lorex offer incredible cameras, but it also has a decent app. in the app, you can view live streams and receive notifications. The app worked on all devices, which is very great because you can use both Android and Apple products in your household. Once you have downloaded the app, you get push notifications, view live and recorded views, and grouped cameras. You can easily download the app via the Google play store or Apple app store.


Where can I purchase it?

You can purchase the cameras directly from the company’s website or via different retail stores. The price depends on the type of camera you want to purchase. You can purchase from retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and more at good prices.

What are the Best Lorex home security cameras?

The best security cameras the company offer are; Lorex Home Center,  2K Wi-Fi Video Doorbell,  2K Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera, Home Hub, and 4K Analog System

Are Lorex Cameras expensive?

With so many security cameras available, it is very hard to tell if Lorex is an expensive security camera brand. Well, from my own experience, the company pricing falls under the middle range. And unlike a company like Arlo, it offers a good price for its cameras.

Are Lorex Cameras secure?

Yes, the company cameras are secure because it footage is stored locally on a hard drive and not in cloud storage. As long as you create a complicated, long, unique password and you change your administrator password periodically your system will be secure. And also make sure you perform all the updates as soon as possible.

Are the Cameras weather resistant?

All the company’s outdoor cameras are built to up IP65 weather rating. Basically, this means the camera can withstand any kind of weather apart from extreme flooding.

Is Lorex a good brand?

Yes, this brand is an amazing one. If you want a camera that does not require a monthly fee, this is the right one. The company’s home security cameras offer lots of unique features at affordable prices. Without a doubt, this brand camera is worth its price tag.

Why did my camera stop working?

Your camera may have stopped working because it may not be connected to the power adaptor. Also, it may stop working because it has a faulty cable. Check well and change the faulty cable.

How is the night vision?

The company is great for its high quality nighttime viewing in color camera. Generally, I am very pleased with its camera’s night vision. With the night vision you can see clearly at night


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