Momentum Axel HD Smart Home Security Camera


Do you ever feel something will go wrong in your stomach the moment you step out of your home? Almost, everyone usually has this feeling that, the first thing every home has to consider is the security of their family, loved ones, and properties. As part of securing your home, security cameras have always been one of the greatest inventions of mankind whereby you can spend your budget on. Therefore, one kind is the Momentum Axel HD Smart Home Security to provides you with everything you want to see as it begins to unfold.

Momentum Axel HD Smart Home Security Camera

Momentum Axel HD security camera is an affordable, reliable, and highly advanced designed surveillance system as a smart camera to anchor your home security system. The Axel smart camera is designed with equipped HD 720p resolution cameras and integrated infrared LEDs, for you to be able to see images in real-time. With a 110-degree wide-angle view, a 360-degree pivot hinge for you to rotate the camera to get a perfect view of recordings.

Overview Features of the Momentum Axel HD Smart Home Security Camera

There are thousands of home security cameras and one thing you need to watch for. When it comes to selecting these cameras their compatibility to work under favorable and unfavorable conditions is what you need to watch out for. This has to do with the security features.

Here are the features of the Momentum Axel:

  • Live HD Video Feed
  • Enhanced Mobile Alerts and Notification
  • Adjustable Motion Zone
  • Extremely Clear Picture
  • Night Vison
  • Two-way Audio
  • Free 24-Hour Video Cloud Storage for Every Axel
  • Motion Detection
  • Push Notificaiton
  • Unlimited Video Downloads and more

Live HD Video Feed

Access the most amazing features of the camera with Live streaming news feed which can be accessed on your mobile phone. Whenever an event occurs the Live HD Video Feed keeps you active with the latest updates so as not to miss out on anything or triggered events.

Enhanced Mobile Alerts and Notification

With automatic alerts and notifications, whenever the camera detects motion, movement, or even sound, it immediately sends you an alert that someone is at your house to your smartphone. In other to ensure you stay present always know when things go wrong.

Adjustable Motion Zone

Access the adjustable motion zone setting in other to select an individual square which allows you to get rid of false notifications such as planes, birds, and others.

Extremely Clear Picture

However, the Momentum is basically known for some of its best quality image resolution than any other security camera. Aside from the resolution of its 720p images, it still displays images clearly and sharply compares to other 1080p which are more expensive.

Night Vision 

Built-in Infrared LEDs provides unlimited video streaming to see what’s going on during the nighttime, even in the lowest light settings for you to have a safe and secure home.

Two-way Audio

The Axel camera is designed with two-way audio with a built-in microphone and speaker to provide crystal-clear audio. This allows you to engage in conservation by listening and speaking to troublesome pets, delivery men, and kids to maintain a safe home.

Free 24-Hour Video Cloud Storage for Every Axel

This provides you with lifetime access to continuous video recording at no cost which is all accessible in Full HD 720p via the Momentum app. As well as, access live streaming, screenshot, and multiple zoom functions, and also works well with iPhone and Android phones.

How to Install the Momentum Axel HD Smart Home Security Camera

Moreover, the Momentum Axel HD Smart Home Security Camera provides you with maximum home security. This secures and monitors your family as well as your properties. Hence, the Momentum app gives you a simple way in which you can stay connected with your home while at work or outing. However, the Axel HD is very simple to install, just download the Momentum app. And mount the Axel in your living room, or your babies’ room. Then connect the camera to an electricity cable, and Wi-Fi, and lastly turn on the app to start connecting.


Currently, there are lots of security cameras out there that perform similar functionality. However, if you are looking for a wireless security camera based on your budget that performs features such as live video with two-way audio, motion detection, and unlimited video download to your mobile phone, Momentum is the best option to go for. Just like the camera was set to work, the motion and audio detection provide an excellent means of keeping up with events, and also the daytime video is sharp and colorful.


What app do I use for my momentum camera?

You can connect the Momentum camera to your smartphone through the Momentum app to watch live video footage. Download and install the Momentum app on your Android or iPhone and connect the app to your camera.

How do I connect my momentum camera to Wi-Fi?

Connecting your Momentum camera to Wi-Fi is very simple using the mobile app. Simply launch the Momentum app on your mobile phone, and next, click the option Pair Device. Afterward, you can select Axel camera from the list of devices. Then, you can access your Wi-Fi settings on your selection. Now you can easily connect Axel to a secure network connection.

How do I reset my momentum camera?

To reset your Momentum Axel Camara is very simple. You can do that through the main security camera. At the back of the device, you will see a reset button, all you need to do is click on it and the device will reset itself.  Afterward, you can go back to pair your device to a secure network.

Does Momentum work with Alexa?

There are lots of security cameras that work with voice commands. This provides an easy way for you to control the device. Yes, Momentum works with Alexa, and you can set it up by selecting MOMENTUM 3 from the list of connected devices. Hence, that’s how to use Amazon Alexa with Momentum.


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