Nest Outdoor Camera 2 Pack Reviews


Security cameras are always been one of the most powerful security features or measures. The devices are mostly used in companies, offices, homes, and even in the presidential villa. This is actually to safeguard life, property, and document. Important jewelry, and most of all you and your families. On the contrary, there are lots of amazing smart home security cameras which keep an eye on or monitor what going on in your environment. Before acquiring a smart home security camera you must review the specs of the camera and the one that comes in handy is Nest Outdoor Camera 2 Pack.

Nest Outdoor Camera 2 Pack Reviews

The Nest Outdoor Camera 2 pack comes in two amazing Nest Cam Outdoor security cameras in one pack. For instance, it is more like saving more instead of buying more whereby you can buy a security camera branded in one and you get to find two. So, therefore, instead of buying two separate cameras for different amounts, save more money by purchasing Nest Outdoor Camera 2 pack

Overview and Features of the Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

First of all, the Nest Outdoor cam is mainly used for security purposes which keeps a careful watch over your home such as property, life, and other important gadgets. The device is constructed weatherproof in other to prevent durability in wet conditions. It has a 130-degree wide-angle Len which enables you to monitor one and a half area sections of your home in 1080 high-definition. 24/67 live streaming feature enables you to stay connected in real-time through the use of the smartphone. Other features include:

  • Check in from all devices: with the use of Nest Aware, you can monitor your home from various devices.
  • Shared live streams: this enables you to view live streaming alongside your family, neighbors o the whole world by creating a public or password-protected live stream.
  • Cloud storage: It provides you with a huge limited amount of storage space to safely access your video anytime.
  • Quick easy and Set-up
  • Bright, clear Night Vision
  • Two-way audio
  • Person alerts

Hence, these are the following features of the nest outdoor camera 2 pack to use for your smart home. You can also use devices with Alexa to control everything in your home.


The Nest Outdoor Camera has a fascinating design compared to the second-generation Nest Cam Indoor. It’s built with amazing features that can withstand a temperature from negative four to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, the camera is built with an IP rating of 65 indicating that the structure of the design is dust tight and can withstand a spray of a 6.3 mm water nozzle.


One of the things for which Nest Outdoor Camera is based known is its video quality. The camera has an excellent video quality of 1080p HD video. Plus, its enhanced 130-degree views allow one to be able to see tight sports or zoom in eight times. Back in the day, the video quality of security cameras was low. But in the modern world, there are cameras built with 2k and 4k video quality compared to 1080p HD cameras that have twice and four times more pixels.

Night Vision

The ability to see clearly at the night is very important for security cameras. There is more of the reason why a lot of security cameras are built with Night Vision is to be able to see images and motion at night. However, the Nest Cam Outdoor has infrared night vision due to its eight LED sensors that enable you to see at night. The exciting feature of the camera concerning its night vision is the ability for its bright floodlight to turn on when a movement is detected.

Audio Quality

When looking for the best security cameras what you want is one built with high-quality audio. However, the camera is built with a two-way audio feature that not only allows you to hear but also to speak through the camera using the Nest app. This can be found in all security cameras compared to the time when security cameras were built with only microphones and not speakers.


The storage capacity of a security camera is very important. This indicates the number of video footage it can hold. If your storage capacity is low, most capture moments might not be stored. However, here is a table that shows the storage capacity of the Nest Outdoor security camera

 Nest FreeNest AwareNest Aware Plus
Event Video History3 Hours3060
24/7 Video History0010
Monthly Price$0$6$12
Yearly Price$0$60$120
Yearly SavingsN/A$12$24

Smart Platform Integration

Since Google is the rightful owner of the Nest Outdoor Security camera, it’s not surprising that Google will be adding its smart platform integration known as Google Assistant and Chromecast. However, it’s surprising that Google also integrated other platforms. This includes Amazon Alexa and Fire TV giving you an alternative to command the cameras with a voice command as well as the ability to live stream events on TV.


Does Nest Have an outdoor wireless camera?

Yes, and based on customer reviews, Google Nest Cam Outdoor security camera is still considered as one of the best outdoor security cameras. It’s built with enhanced features and everything you need to keep an eye on your home.

How long do Nest Outdoor cameras last?

Nest Outdoor Cameras has an outstanding battery that lasts longer. According to reports, the security camera lasts about 1.5 to seven months depending on the battery usage. However, battery life has always been a huge problem for wireless security cameras.

Does Nest camera have a monthly fee?

You can find the monthly free by visiting Nest Aware Video Recording Subscription for Nest Cams. However, for just 6/month includes home coverage that covers all your Google Nest cameras as well as display and speakers.

How to Purchase Nest Cam Outdoor 2 Pack Security Camera

Basically, if you intern on purchasing the device from the main manufacturer’s website. You might not offer this bonus per-say, but you can then make use of other websites that offer such a bonus. This online shopping site that offers the nest outdoor camera 2 pack includes Amazon and eBay. Also, Walmart, elgeo, Alibaba, Craigslist, Etsy, and Target.


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