– How to activate your Platinum Capital One Credit Card


If you just received your new Platinum Capital One credit card, you will need to activate your new card to make is start working for you. Once you receive your new card, the Platinum card activation process is very easy and can be done within few minutes. What you have to do is to go to to get your card ready. is the official portal where you can activate your new card from your smartphone, computer or Tablet. Activating the card is simple, but it is very functional. This is because it will determine if your card will be working or not. In this guide, you will learn how to activate a new Platinum card even if you have never done it before.

Platinum credit Mastercard is issued by Capital One. It comes at a no annual fee rate. It is a reliable and secured Mastercard. With the Platinum credit card, you can build your credit score conveniently while you are making purchases and payments with your card. You can also use the card to get discounts on travels and retail services. You can apply for the Platinum Capital One credit card.

Platinum Capital One Credit card Activation at is the authorized portal where all the new Platinum Capital One cardholders can activate their new card. When your card arrives early in the mail, you will need to confirm that you have received your card. Upon arrival, your card is not usable. To activate the new card, you will have to go the and provide your card details.

Why Should I activate my Platinum Capital One Mastercard at

Upon your new card arrival, the card is not usable. Hence, you will have to activate the card for it to become functional. Once you activate your card that is when you can use your card for purchases and payments transactions. Here are the reasons you should activate your Platinum Capital credit card.

  • Make purchases with your card in store, in app or online
  • Make credit card payments
  • Set up Auto payment
  • Earn discounts Travel and Retail
  • Transfer your balances
  • Receive Proactive Account Alerts
  • Set up personalized Payment
  • Enjoy Fraud Coverage
  • Get Virtual card numbers.

These are some, of the important reasons why you should login to your Platinum Credit Card account. There are also benefits that you enjoy when you activate your new card.

Requirements to Activate your Platinum Capital One credit card via

To activate your new Platinum card when it arrives from the mail, you will have to provide your card details. There are login credentials that you must enter to access the activation portal and set up your card. This is to prevent fraud and also keep your card account safe. What you need to activate your new card includes;

  • An internet connected device
  • Username
  • Password
  • Credit card details (number and Expiry date)

These are what you need to successfully activate your new Platinum card. You can activate your card within few minutes and your card is ready to serve you. Once you have the above listed, you can go ahead to activate your new card.

Platinum Capital One credit card Activation via

The Platinum Capital One credit card Activation process is simple, safe and convenient. This is the fastest way to activate your card within few minutes at All you have to do is to login to your online account to activate your card. Follow the step-by-step guide to activate your new card.

How to activate your Platinum card online

  • Make sure that you are using an internet connected device
  • Visit the   
  • Next, click on ‘Sign In & Activate’
  • Enter your username
  • Provide your Password
  • Lastly, click on Sign In
  • Then, navigate to the Activate card menu
  • Enter your card details in the space provided.

Afterwards, click on activate. Follow the remaining on screen prompts to complete the card activation process. Once you complete the process, your card will be activated instantly.

How to enroll to activate your new Platinum Capital One credit card

  • Make sure that you are using an internet connected device
  • Visit the   
  • Next, click on ‘Enroll & Activate’
  • Enter your Last Name
  • Provide your Social Security Number or ITIN
  • Or, you can use your bank account number instead
  • Enter your date of birth and click Get started

You will be asked to confirm your account and identity. One you are done with setting up the account, you can now go ahead to activate your new card. Navigate to the Activate your card section; follow the onscreen prompts to start the activation process. Enter all the required details to set up your card.

How do I activate my Platinum Credit card by Phone

Unfortunately, there are Capital One credit card provider does not have the option to activate your card by phone. You can only activate your card by the Capital One mobile app or online via


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