Priceline Rewards – How to activate Priceline Rewards Visa Card


How do I activate my Priceline Rewards Visa card or how can I set up my Pricelinerewards visa credit card? PricelineRewards is the official portal where you can activate your Pricelinerewards visa card and set it up. Once you receive your Priceline Rewards Visa card from the mail, the next thing to do is to activate your card.

PricelineRewards is very important if you want to set up your card an also earn points on your card. If you have never activated a PricelineRewards card before, don’t worry, you will learn how to activate your new card in this article. PricelineRewards activation process is easy. You only need to have your login and card information.

Priceline VIP Rewards Visa card commonly known as Priceline Rewards Visa card is one of the top credit cards issued by Barclays. The Priceline Rewards Visa Card is a travel card and it is very good for people who travel frequently. With the card, you can earn travel points and save on your travel cost. You will lean how to activate your new Priceline Rewards Visa Card via PricelineRewards in this article.

Priceline Rewards | How to activate my Priceline Visa Reward card

Priceline VIP Rewards Card

Priceline VIP rewards visa card is a credit card that is issued by Barclays. It is a travel card that is suitable for people who travel regularly. It provides amazing rewards points when you pay for your travel cost using your card. Priceline VIP rewards visa card comes with no annual fee and you can earn amazing rewards points by making purchases with your card. To apply for a Priceline Rewards Visa Card, you need to have a credit score of 670 to 850.

Why do I need to activate My PricelineRewards visa Card via PricelineRewards

There are several benefits that you will enjoy when you activate your new PricelineRewards Visa Card. One of the benefits is that you will earn rewards points on any purchase that you make with your card. Here are some of the benefits that you will enjoy when you activate our card.

  • You can earn 10,000 rewards points when you spend $1000 on your frst 90 days purchase with your card.
  • Earn 5X rewards points when you spend $1 on Priceline bookings every time.
  • Earn 1X points when you use your card to make purchases.
  • You can earn 2X points when you make purchases from gas or restaurants that include delivery services.
  • You can unlock the VIP Gold status benefits that include access to exclusive deals.
  • Zero annual fee
  • $0 fraud liability protection
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Unlimited access to earn rewards points.

These are some of the several benefits that you will enjoy when you activate your new Priceline Rewards Visa card.

How to Activate PricelineRewards VIP Visa Card on PricelineRewards

To make it easier for new cardholders to activate their Priceline Rewards card faster, there are three possible methods to activate your card. You can either activate your card online, by phone or via the mobile app. the easiest method is activating online. Follow the step-by-step guide below to activate your card.

To Activate Priceline Reward Card Online

  • Go to this is the page you can activate your Priceline Rewards Visa Card.
  • On the homepage, enter the card number on your card
  • Enter your Security code
  • Fill out your last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.
  • Then, select your occupation.

Afterwards, click on the Activate tab. once you click on the activate tab menu, your card will be activated immediately.

Activation of PricelineRewards Card by Phone

Activating your PricelineRewards Visa Card by phone is also very easy. All you have to do is to contact the phone number at the back of your card. A customer representative will receive your call and collect all the information that is needed to activate your card. You may be asked to provide the last 4 digits of your SSN and your card details.

Activation of PricelineRewards Card using the Barclays Mobile App

This is the third way to activate your Priceline VIP Rewards Cards. First of all, download the Barclays mobile app to your device either Android or iOS. Afterwards, you can login to your account and locate the “Activate card menu” once you are there, provide your card information and follow the on screen prompts to complete the card activation process.


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