Ring Stick Up Cam Security Camera Review


In the meantime, Ring has made a good reputation for itself over a couple of years with surveillance security cameras. even the company has been less vigorous when it comes to the numbers of home security cams produce regularly. Moreover, when it comes to surround your home with smart security cams to protect your home or family & property inside out alongside with motion-activated HD cameras. The Ring Stick Up Cam is a good choice of home security cameras to go for.

Ring Stick Up Cam Security Camera Review

The Ring Stick Up Cam is the first of its new product which can compete with other lines of companies such as Nest and Arlo. However, the Stick Up Cam is a very versatile surveillance camera which goes anywhere either indoor or outdoor cameras so as to keep a tab on your home anytime. In other words, the Ring Stick Up cam comes with an indoor/outdoor 1080p HD camera. Plus, with motion-activated alerts, two-way talk, and other enhances high-security features.

Overview Features of the Ring Stick Up Cam Security Camera

Just as I earlier mentioned above, Stick Up Cam is a versatile surveillance solution detector that can be placed indoor or outdoor. It’s designed with an adjustable mounting bracket that allows you to mount the camera on any surface alongside super-enhanced activated surveillance features such as;

1080p HD Video & Two-Way Talk

See, hear, and speak to everyone including, your pets, family, friends, and loved ones in full HD videos on your mobile phone through the ring app.

Motion-Activated Notifications

Get to know the full story of thing before it happens with the motion detector alerts. This automatically send you a message when it detects something that is irrelevant or relevant on your phone, tablet, and PC.

Versatile Mounting Option

Place your camera anywhere you want to have full coverage of either inside. Or outside your home on flat surfaces, ceiling or even wall as you want it to be.

Custom Motion Zones

Perhaps, there are areas you need to monitor, the camera allows you to create and customize up to three activity zone to see everything that you feel is insecure.

Work with Alexa

Connect Stick Up Cam with voice command or voice recognition like Echo Show, Echo Spot, Echo Dot, Fire Tv, and Alexa-enabled Fire Tablet so that you can monitor your home for your comfort zone.

Weather Resistant

The Stick Up Cam is designed to withstand every unfavorable condition, I give you reliable security and a mindset that your camera is safe from getting damaged no matter the weather forecast.

Ring Protect Plans

When you join the Ring protect basic plans, as a user you have access to save and record videos that are captured within the camera. You also have the privilege to download videos, review them anytime and even share them with other members of your family even your neighbors.

Live View  

You can be at home without being at home in real-time with a live view option. That allows you to monitor your home at any time from anywhere. Plus, it also comes with audio which allows you to hear everything that is going on with the Live View button.

Connected Devices

The security camera provides a more convenient and easy-to-use system for connecting the device to your security camera to see everything that is happening in your home and also control them all from your smartphone.

Security & Privacy Control

Ring Stick Up security camera battery allows an easy way to control your video footage with security and privacy control features. The control center provides an easy way to view, control, and customize your security settings.

Safety Alerts

Also, the security camera can serve as a neighbor watch while protecting your home with real-time crime and safety alerts. You can stay connected to your community by monitoring activities around your neighborhood.

Ring Protect

The Ring Protect is another exciting feature that allows you not to miss out on anything. You can unlock the best out the camera with a Ring Protect subscription for the cost of $3.99/month per device. Plus, you also get to enjoy 30-day free trial and other features that includes the following

  • Record and capture
  • Person alerts
  • Rich notification
  • Enjoy 10% discount
  • Extended warranty
  • Flexible options

You can enjoy more with the security camera and the Ring Protect to secure your home. Also create a smarter way of keeping your home in check and easy control with Alexa.

In addition, the Ring Stick Up Cam goes very well with the Ring app where you can have access to control the above features. The entire security of your home form one easy to use dashboard anywhere, anytime on your internet-connected devices.

Installation of the Ring Stick Up Cam Security Camera

Plus, other features that are not mentioned above include a field of view of 150 degrees horizontal, 85 degrees vertical. Plus, on-demand videos, and the integrated infrared night vision to see more during the night. However, the average installation of the Stick Up Cam talk 5-15 minute and can easily be done by yourself.

All you need to do is find a place where you want to mount the camera by either sit free-standing or mount it on a wall or ceiling. Then you can power the camera and link it with your Ring app.


Is there a monthly fee for a ring stick up cam?

Yes, you can enjoy the unbeatable feature and more enhanced way to create a smarter home for the security of your family and friends with Ring Protect that cost as low as $3.99/month per device. Some of the features include record and capture, rich notifications, a 10% discount, and more.

How long does the ring stick up Cam last?

The Ring Stick Up Cam Battery is making use of a battery for it to be operated. The interesting thing is that you don’t need to go to the store to purchase another new battery. The battery lasts about six to twelve months and also, and it’s rechargeable.

What does the Ring stick-up camera do?

Ring Stick Up camera is a security camera and does what all security cameras do which is protect your family and friends. Plus, it is best for both indoor and outdoor cameras. It comes with 1080p full HD resolution, night vision, two-way audio, and more.

Can Ring stick up cam see at night?

Yes, the Ring Stick Up cam can see at night with its integrated infrared night vision and 1080p HD video. Plus, its 150-degree view allows you to view certain angles far and wide.


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