What’s an FR-44 Form?


What’s an FR-44 insurance form all about? An FR-44 is also called FR44, and it is a financial responsibility form that proves that you have purchased auto insurance. It is a certificate that shows that you have an insurance policy after serious driving or traffic violations in Florida and Virginia. In other words, the FR-44 form is only needed after a serious offense.

Although it is commonly referred to as DUI insurance, it is not really a type of auto insurance coverage. Just like SR-22, you may be required to have FR-44 after your license was suspended or after you were caught driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Most states in the United States use SR-22 but Virginia and Florida are the only state in the country that may require you to have an FR-44. 

What's an FR-44 Form

Furthermore, the FR-44 insurance form is very expensive than standard auto insurance. As long as you carry this form, your rates will be higher than drivers without it. However, if you have to get FR44, there are different insurance companies that have cheap coverage for drivers with DUIs in both Virginia and Florida.

Who needs an FR-44 form?

Just like I have mentioned above, Virginia and Florida are the only states in the country that requires some drivers to get this form. You will have to get an FR-44 if you received a DUI. And you will carry it for at least 3 years depending on your violation. Florida may require drivers who drive under to influence or have been found guilty to get this insurance form. However, in Virginia, you will have to obtain an FR44 if you

  • Drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Drive with a suspended or forfeited license
  • Violate any similar federal or state laws while driving
  • Injure someone while driving under the influence.

Just so you know, while some drivers in these two states may get FR-44 insurance, the states may still require some to file SR-22 instead of the latter. In addition, you may be required to get FR44 insurance even if you don’t have a car. In this case, you can get non-owner auto insurance and get to avoid the high cost of paying a regular insurance policy.

What is the difference between the FR-44 and SR-22 Forms?

The SR-22 and FR-44 share lots of similarities. Both are not insurance policies but forms for high-risk drivers. SR-22 is very common and used by many states in the United States. It is necessary for drivers who are convicted of severe traffic or driving offenses except for Florida and Virginia.

However, the FR-44 insurance requirement is stricter than the SR-22. And it is used for more severe driving offenses in Virginia and Florida. The form is specifically required for drivers convicted of DWI or DUI. Although these two states have SR-22 insurance, it is only necessary for drivers with less serious offenses. Like causing too many accidents while insured or having too many points on your licenses.

How much is FR-44 insurance?

The cost of FR-44 insurance depends on multiple factors. These include the state (Florida or Virginia), your age, and gender and vehicle location. However, you can expect up to $15- $25 charges. Also, note that a driver with a clean record in Florida pays up to 2,208 in a year on average for full insurance coverage. However, after filing a full coverage the cost is $3,763.

Your policy premium is higher because you are now considered a high-risk driver.  A full coverage auto insurance policy for a driver with an FR44 insurance form is 70 percent more expensive than a driver with a clean record.

Make sure you shop around to get cheap coverage. Although it is hard to find cheap auto FR44 insurance, it is not an impossible thing. Shopping around for coverage is a fantastic way to the most affordable coverage closer to you if you need to file an FR-44.

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How to get an FR-44 form

If you need to get this insurance form, you will have to inform your auto insurance company. They will file it to the state department of Motor vehicles after you bought a policy with the right coverage limits. However, if you don’t have coverage, it is advisable to inform any good insurer that you need an FR-44 insurance form. Although not all insurers offer it, it is best to let them know as soon as possible.

Even if you don’t own a car, if you have a conviction for DWI or DUI, you will need to get FR-44 insurance. Getting standard auto policy insurance may seem weird when you don’t have a car. A good option is purchasing non-owner FR-44 insurance.

How to Shop for Cheaper Car Insurance with an FR-44  

Initially, a spotty driving history indicates more expenses to purchase or get car insurance. But this doesn’t mean, you can still have a good-priced policy. Here are some of the ways to find affordable auto insurance if with FR-44 or SR-22:

  • You can shop around across different insurance companies and compare car insurance quotes to find the cheapest rate.
  • If possible don’t drive often which can help reduce the risk of getting into an accident.
  • Discount is one of the best ways to save more, hence, you can check out the list of discounts offered by the company.
  • For those with old car it is of no use paying for collision and comprehensive coverage.
  • Improving your credit can help to lower the rate as many insurances company in most states make use of driver’s credit history to determine the price rate.

Others ways you can try also includes increasing your deductible and other method you might receive from your financial advisor.

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Which states requires FR-44s  

Florida and Virginia are the only states that requires FR-44s. This is similar to SR-22s which is another common auto insurance requirement.

How do I submit an FR-44 form?

If it’s required of your state to provide an FR-44 form, then you can connect with your insurance company. They will be the one to submit the form to your state’s department of motor vehicle.  


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