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When you receive your new Wisely credit card via the mail, the next line of action is to activate the new card immediately at As a new card member, you can activate their new card immediately using their phone, tablet or computer. Activating your new Wisely credit card allows your card to become functional and you can use it for transactional purposes.

Wisly is a reliable credit card provider that provides fast, easy and convenient way to make payments online. A new wisely card will help you make paymnet and purchases faster and safer. Once you apply for your card, the next lineof action is to activate your new card on

It is very important that you activate your new Wisely card immediately you receive it. This is because when your card arrives, it is not usable until you activate it. then you can use your card for making purchases online, making payment, buying groceries and so much. | How to activate my wisely card is an authenticated website where new Wisely cardholders can activate their new card online. To activate your card online, you will need to provide your card details at This is what you need to complete the card activation process to ensure that your card is ready for use.

To make it easier for new cardmembers, there are two possible ways to activate your new wisely card. Youcan chose to activate your card through or by phone. The both method is very faster and convenient.

Why Should I Activate my WiselyCard?

It is very important that you activate your new wisely card. This is because when your card arrive frm the mail, you cannot use it for any purpose. All new Wisely cardholder are required to activate their card to confirm that you have received it and also set it up. F you don’t carryout the activation process, you cannot use your card to make purchases, or pay bills. Here are some of the reasons you should activate your new card.

  • Manage your card account online: after activating your new card, you can create Wisely card account online to manage your card. You can also monitor your account and track your activity.
  • Withdraw from ATMs: you can easily use your card to make withdrawals at ATMs, or use it to make purchases at retailers.
  • Shop and Pay bills: After activating your new card, you can use it to shop and pay bills anywhere Visa or Mastercard is accepted.
  • Receive your government benefits and wages deposited directly into your Wisely debit card account.

Other reasons why you should activate your new card includes, create online access for your card to manage your credit card, pay bills online, grow your savings and so much.

How to activate Wisely Card Over phone

You can easily activate your new Wisely card over the phone if you do not wish to activate it online. Visit the Wisely official web portal to get the authorized number that you can. Visit and get the phone number that you call to help you with card activation process over the phone.

The customer representative will ask for the 16-digits card number in front of your card and the card expiration date. The help desk will activate the card instantly and also ask you to set up a new PIN that you can use to make purchases and pay bills online.

How to activate Wisely Card Via

  • Make sure you are using an internet connected and safe browser
  • Go to
  • Afterwards, you will get directed to the card activation page
  • On the page, you will be required to fill out the details
  • Enter your 16-digits card number
  • Enter the card expiration date
  • Finally,click on Continue

Once you click on the Continue button, you will be directed to complete your activation process. Afterwards, you can follow the onscreen instructions to finish the set up. Instantly, your new Wisely card will be activated.

How long will it take me to receive my Wiselycard in the mail?

When you apply for your wiselycard, you would receive your card within 7 to 10 business days. If you don’t get your card after then, you can call the customer acre service to complain.

How do I activate my wiselycard?

You can activate your card by visiting or call the number at the back of your new card. otherwise, you can click on this link for help

How do I receive my pay directly on my wisely card?

Go to your employer portal and click on direct deposit. Afterwards, follow the on screen instruction to set up direct deposit on your card account.

Why can’t I activate my Wisely Card?

If you are experiencing any issue with activating you new Wiselycard online, it may be because of wrong card details. Try to re-enter your details and confirm it before activating. Alternatively, you can activate it by phone.


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