Wyze Cam 1080p – HD Indoor WiFi Smart Home Camera


There are two thing people usually look for when purchasing a security camera, that includes the cost or price and the quality feature the security camera offers. Perhaps you’re looking for an affordable, and high-quality smart home security camera you can then go for the Wyze Cam 1080p. On the contrary, the Wyze Labs was derived out from the inspiration that the production of high quality, the easy-to-use smart home product should have a higher stand in the world. Therefore, launched the first home security camera Wyze Cam 1080p.

Wyze Cam 1080p - HD Indoor WiFi Smart Home Camera

The Wyze Cam 1080p is an indoor security camera that offers users a smart way to stay connected with his/her family while at work or on the road. However, the company works in hand with Amazon whereby purchase the core Amazon principle to Wyze Labs. Therefore, the Wyze Cam 1080p delivers fast, crystal clear, live streaming video directly on your smartphone via the Wyze App. With the home security camera, you can receive an alert when with integrated detective sensor when someone is are looping around your home.

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Features of the Wyze Cam 1080p Indoor Security Camera

1080p Full HD

The security camera offers you 2.8mm focal length, viewing range Len of 110 degrees wide. Also1/2.9 CMOS sensor with 1920X1080 video quality i.e. in full 1080p not to miss a single image.

Live Stream with 8x Digital Zoom

With the Wyze Cam, allows you to feel like you are at home even while you are at work or someone else with the Wyze app’s live stream. Stay connect always as things begin to unfold under your roof in sharp focus.

AI Person Detection

The Wyze Can is built-in with Artificial intelligence (AI) person detection which detects when a person is in your home whereby giving you an option to set up a push notification.

Custom Zone Detection and Sensitivity Setting

Stay connected always with an alert setting which allows you to receive messages when the zone detection is triggered which might be motion or sound. This also enables you to increase or decrease the motion and sound sensitivity settings to your own preference.

Smart Sound Alerts

The Wyze Cam is enhanced with advanced algorithm which is able to detect smoke and sound with a unique smoke alarm and carbon monoxide monitor.

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Night Vision

With integrated features like F2.0 aperture, four 850nm infrared LEDs, and IR-CUT filter. Offer you a crystal-clear night live stream recording video in total darkness.

2-Way Audio

Built-in speaker and microphone to let you engage in conversation with loved ones, furry friends, delivery men as well as visitors.

Works with Others

Activate a voice command or recognition with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant which allows you to say things such as Alexa show me and bedroom.

Continuous Recording

Do not cut short of your recordings when your storage file is full. You can use a microSD card for unstoppable live stream recording.

Time Lapse

Monitor every single moment of the day with amazing time-lapse videos. You can set up the time-lapse to record the starting time and end times alongside how well you to engage with the pictures.


The storage capacity of a security camera is one that people need to watch out for when looking for the best security camera in 2022. However, Wyze offers you enough cloud storage never to miss out on video footage of your family members. Plus, the micro-SD card provides an extra storage facility to save files on your computer or cloud.

Smart platform integrations  

Without a doubt, one of the interesting facts of smart home technology is the convenience it provides that enables you to take control of the technology anywhere with your voice. The Wyze is integrated with smart platforms such as Alexa and Google Assistant.

Wyze app

The Wyze app provide a convenient way to connect to all three cameras to view live stream footage. Plus, these provide you access to cloud storage, two-way audio and most importantly enables you to set up Alexa and Google Assistant. Just from the mobile app on your phone, you can never miss out of event or things happening in your home.

Finally, the Wyze Cam 1080p spontaneously capture a 12-second event video once it comes across any movement or detects motion or sounds. However, your videos are also encrypted for safest and then uploaded to the AWS cloud.

How to Install the Wyze Cam 1080p Indoor Security Camera

On the contrary, the security camera is designed with innovative 3-axis which lets your Wyze Cam to be mounted in any direction. The installation of the Wyze Cam 1080p is very simple. And can be done manually without having to pay for installation or call any technical to install the camera.

However, use the metal plate and adhesive tape onto the camera magnetic-based to be placed anywhere. Note you don’t need any screw, then install the Wyze mobile app on your devices and connect your camera. 

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Is there a monthly fee for Wyze Cam?

No, there are no monthly fees or mandatory subscriptions for Wyze cameras. The upfront camera costs the monthly fee you need to worry about.

How do I improve my Wyze camera quality?

If you are experiencing a poor image quality, you can choose to increase the quality by accessing the app and select the Wyze Cam to view live store. Then, select the Cycle Night Vision mode and click on the moon icon. Next, you can select your account and click Firmware Upgrade. And that is how to increase the quality of the picture for a better view.

Can you use a 128 GB SD card in a Wyze Cam?

Yes, you can use a 128 GB SD card for your Wyze camera. According to reports, Wyze cameras accept 10 types of cards in FAT32 and exFAT formats. This includes card sizes of 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB.


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